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The 2018 Programme 2/8

The Atrium Building, Ground Floor - Friday October 19th

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Boogie Man - UK (Slot C 7pm -10.30pm)

Feature Film - Director, Andy Morahan

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A British-Indian teenager struggles with his cultural heritage in modern-day London; falling for a 20-something actress/model during a 1970's-themed exhibition, and becoming obsessed with both her, the fashion and music of a seemingly more glamorous 70's era, all the while trying to keep his family's Indian traditionalism and the impending responsibilities of adulthood at bay..
But as his grandfather falls dangerously ill, he is forced to face up to the realities that surround him, and begins to realise that his stylish, disco-fantasy world is just a temporary means of escape from the one man he must face up to and really get to know himself.

Super Glued Up - Wales (Slot C 7pm -10.30pm)

Welsh Film - Director, Robert Gregor Greiner

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pooch - a thief - is head over heels in love with his flirtatious accomplice Peach and wants to make a gesture towards her on valentines day. What could go wrong?

Hold Me like Before - Costa Rica (Slot C 7pm -10.30pm)

Feature Film - Director, Jurgen Urena

Thursday, October 18, 2018

"Hold Me Like Before" tells the story of Veronica, a transgender who works as a prostitute in a small neighbourhood of Costa Rican capital. When a young thief known as Tato has an accident and breaks an ankle, she takes him to her house trying to give him a better life, but also facing with the painful side of motherhood. Finally Veronica realises that giving a hand to Tato was actually giving it to herself. 

Beautified - UK (Slot C 7pm -10.30pm)

Short Film - Director, Emily Haigh

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Three enslaved girls are immersed in beautiful surroundings, hidden beneath this beauty lies a dystopian society pushing the girls to perfection. 

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