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The 2018 Programme 8/8

The Atrium Building, First Floor - Sunday 21st October

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TOREN - Germany (Slot T 10am - 12.30pm)

Foreign Language Feature - Director, Nawzad Shekhany

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Toren a Yazidi talented painter born in Georgia after his family fled because of the war. He suffers from severe depression and he fought it with his lustful desires. He met Christian doctor (Eka) who helped him to find himself. His fatal illness and his suffering created a conflict between life and death.
Toren, is a story of everyone, who is being forced out of his homeland due to wars, oppression, massacres and had to integrate into a new different society. Toren is today's Hamlet. The film also highlights love, peace, human affiliation and peaceful coexistence, loss and deprivation, the clash between civilizations and religions, the struggle between death and life, and the struggle for survival.

Ranapakhara - United Arab Emirates (Slot T 10am - 12.30pm)

Documentary - Director, Swapna Kurup

Saturday, October 20, 2018

In a community centre in Dubai, Indian classical dancer Vonita Singh applies her art form to bring back movement in the lives of people affected by Parkinsons.

Sanctuary Lost - South Africa (Slot T 10am - 12.30pm)

Documentary - Director, Lotte Manicom

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Over time, South Africa's progressive refugee system has descended into a state of crisis. In response, the government now plans to construct refugee camps on its northern borders, and a main tenet of the South African constitution a freedom of movement is set to be compromised.
Sanctuary Lost, an unprecedented documentary, combines expert, academic and refugee voices to track the rise and collapse of South Africa's unique refugee landscape.


Distribution Workshop (12.30am - 1.30pm)

Distribution for Low budget and Short films Workshop - Ray Davies

Saturday, October 20, 2018

 "An Introduction to Distribution with Ray Davies" - focusing on distribution of low budget films and short films. - *Atrium Small Cinema

Please check the programme for more details.

Please arrive 15 minutes before screening time as entry is first come, first serve basis as some cinemas may have smaller capacities. 

Shuttle transport will operate periodically between venues.

Leave Now - UK (Slot U 12.30am - 4pm)

Feature Film - Director, Stephen Frost

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A grief-stricken woman, Rose Montefiore, revisits the seaside town where she first met her late husband. However, instead of finding the peace and quiet she seeks, Rose is disturbed by recurring problems with an electrical fault and has to call upon the services of local electrician, Titus, and his son, Robbie. When Rose saves Robbie's life after an accident she finds herself caught up in the lives of those around her, past and present, who need her help. After she discovers a forgotten phonograph in the attic and listens to the distant voices recorded on an old wax cylinder, she begins to unlock a secret that lies deep within the house itself. Are the ghosts real, or all in the mind? And if so, whose mind? In LEAVE NOW, two separate worlds pass through each other, like sunlight through mist, where love is lost and found, and holding on means letting go.

Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun - India (Slot U 12.30am - 4pm)

Feature Film - Director, Zeenat Aman, Helen, Kabir Bedi, Yuvraaj Parashar, Kapil Sharma and Rituparna Sengupta

Saturday, October 20, 2018

In life we come alone, we leave alone, wish we could live alone..To live we need some or the other relation, the relation may be named or unnamed..
Life is but a mosaic of different relationships and different people. Each relationship and person adds unique colour to life and gives it a new meaning and dimension. These imperfect relationships and conflicts, complexities and unpredictably of people make life beautiful.
DUNNO Y NA JAANE KYUN is a story of an Anglo India family.Rebecca a single working mother has three children-eldest is Ashley married to Jenny, Sam a good for nothing DJ and Linda studying in college. Rebecca's mother in law lives with them. Rebecca's husband Peter left her after 10 years of marriage to join a missionary as he count take the responsibilities of the family. The responsibilities came on Rebecca and to reach out family needs she started compromising in life, she got into need based relationships with other men.  Ashley and Jenny though they look a perfect couple but there is more to it.  Ashley is a gay in the closet but being eldest in family and because of society pressures he got married.  After 5 years of marriage he again explores his other side discreetly. He meets Aryan a part time model and a gay hooker. Their one night stand leads to a relationship which they cannot break and cannot continue with also. On the other side Sam has a major crush on his sister in law Jenny.  Jenny is unsure whether it is Sam's extreme love or secured life provided by Ashley is right for her. Here Peter all of a sudden comes back after 15 years to be with his family. The turmoil  of these three imperfect relationships forms the core of the film.

The Gold Seekers - Paraguay (Slot V 4pm - 5.30pm)

Foreign Language Feature - Director, Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Manu is a 21 year old paperboy, who lives in Chacarita. One day, his grandfather (who lost his speech many years ago) gave him an old book, from where a map and a photo fell accidentally. The old picture shows his grandfather and his brother, when they were seekers of Plata “Yvyguy” (Jewellery and coins buried during the war of 1870, to protect valuables from the enemies.) The map reveals where one of these treasures was hidden.
At first Manu doesn't pay much attention to his discovery, but during his rounds of newspaper delivery, he begins to identify some points marked in the old map and with his friend Fito (also a paperboy) he decides to track and find the hidden treasure.
After several twists and turns, they finally reach the exact spot where the treasure is supposedly buried. But not everything is that easy. The treasure is hidden in an impossible place to enter. With the help of Don Elio, a more experienced seeker, Manu and Fito start and adventure that will lead them to discover that sometimes the treasure is where you least expect it.

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