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Sustainability Policy

Cardiff International Film Festival (CIFF) recognises its duty to demonstrate leadership in the filed of event sustainability management by conducting its event related activities in line with the CIFF sustainability policy.

We aim to minimise any negative impacts from our event related activities through the implementation of the ISO20121 sustainable events management standard, compromising all stages of the event management cycle, from conception through to post-event activities.  Our scope for ISO20121 compromises of the CIFF led events team. 

The aim and visions of CIFF is to provide an inspirational experience for everyone participating in the programme.  The vision and the strategic objectives are supported by the principles of sustainable development. We define these as inclusivity, integrity, stewardship, transparency and legacy.

The CIFF intends to address all of the objectives set out in the CIFF Sustainability Policy and we believe we can make the most beneficial changes to our related activities by focusing on the following key themes:

  • Use energy efficiently, maximising the use of low carbon energy and renewable energy.

  • Reduce total waste produced by minimising consumption, using resources productively, increasing reuse and recycling, using refurbished, recycled and recyclable equipment, products and materials from accredited sustainable sources.

  • Reduce the environmental impact of staff and visitor travel by promoting sustainable transport use and work with contractors to maximise the sustainability of our transport activities.

  • Promote and encourage diversity and inclusion, ensuring services delivered are accessible, inclusive and appropriate.

  • Aim to ensure that directly-procured food and catering products are produced to good sustainability and animal welfare standards.

  • Protect the infrastructure of venues and preserve our national heritage.


The CIFF will ensure delivery through the following measures:


  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

  • Work closely with CIFF staff, contractors, supply chain and other key stakeholders to ensure sustainability principles are integrated into event management.

  • Reviewing practices to ensure we meet our sustainability responsibilities and act as an exemplar.

  • Provide adequate resources to deliver against the objectiives and commit to continual improvement.

  • Continue to achieve a positive legacy.

The Event Sustainability Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and made publicly available on the CIFF website.

CIFF is committed to constantly reviewing this policy and it will be reconfirmed at least every 12 months.

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